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About Grandma Daisy

This website was created for Daisy Mae Johnson, affectionately known to many as Grandma Daisy. She was born on May 12, 1925, in Enfield, North Carolina to the late Mamie and Willie Clark; and was raised with her thirteen brothers and sisters. On Saturday, June 13, 2020, Grandma Daisy passed away after a long battle with progressive dementia. She was a loving and devoted mother, sister, aunt, and a friend who was always willing to listen and give advice. She worked as a nurse and then as a stylist – professions that allowed her to help people on both the inside and out. While she certainly enjoyed caring for those in her life, she also loved to trash-talk and laugh to keep the mood lively and smiles glowing. She was a spiritual woman who loved to sing Christian Automobile by Dixie Hummingbirds.

She also enjoyed traveling and learning all she could from the world. Later in life, she even became a Facebook influencer who loved to watch interact with her followers. In 2000, Grandma Daisy was diagnosed with progressive dementia. No longer able to care for herself, her daughter Mozelle immediately became her live-in caregiver. Although it was not easy, given the physical and emotional demands of doing everything for someone unable to do for herself, she did it selflessly. Grandma Daisy was an amazing woman, and with your help, we were able to give her a beautiful homegoing celebration.

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