Grandma Daisy makes the news!

Grandma Daisy continues to make headlines with her sassy wig!  Check out the viral video below:

View the story at Daily Mail here:

View the story at MSN here:


  1. I love Grandma Daisy and Karen. I hope all if well with both of you. We love you and miss you dearly. I hope to see you soon.

  2. Karen I can’t even express how much your videos with Grandma Daisy mean to me! She reminds me so much of my Great Grandmother “Mama Carrie” who grew up in Pine Hill, Texas. The patience, love and support that you show towards your Grandmother is such a wonderful blessing Karen!!! God Bless You always and please know that what you have shared with the world through your videos helps a lot of people and I am among them! Thank you sincerely my Sister!

    How is Grandma Daisy doing? You should seriously think about telling her life story (perhaps in a book). I would love to know about her life and her experiences. Thank you again for sharing your time with Grandma Daisy with all of us! You are a truly phenomenal woman of grace and courage and you inspire me to be better…and to work harder to be a kind and compassionate person. Thank You sincerely Karen! May the Lord continue to bless and keep you and Grandma Daisy and Mozelle in His loving care! Amen

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