About Healing Touch Companion

A Privately Held Company Perpetuating Healthy Senior Lifestyles

Independence, Affordability, Engaged Caring, Community

Healing Touch Companion (HTC) is an assisted-living community designed to allow residents to live independently while still having access to highly individualized help with daily living responsibilities such as the preparation of meals(vegan vegetarian,or raw), medication administration, light housekeeping duties, and travel companion. Our focus is sustained holistically healthy living for seniors in accordance with the following themes:

✓ Emphasis on senior independence and self-worth;
Affordable alternatives to intensive care that can prevent debilitating health deterioration;
Engaged caring through spontaneous, genuine interaction that sustains mental acuity;
✓ Active community options which allow interaction with peers who have similar interests and lifestyles.

The HTC difference is the ethic of engaged caring. Medical research indicates that engagement with seniors who have reached a middle-ground in their lives (i.e., not requiring intensive care of a nursing home, but having need of a moderate level of daily assistance) lead healthier independent lives. Moreover, our care has resulted in marked improvement with regard to mental and emotional acuity, energy, and sustained positive disposition.

An affordable alternative senior care option, HTC’s services are normally less expensive than other types of more intensive care (e.g., memory care) and can prevent the need for future intensive care. Best of all, in-home assisted Living at home offers clients the peace of mind in the assurance that a loved one is the recipient of genuinely focused care while honoring the personhood, confidence, and self-reliance of beloved family members.

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